Ontario Association for Developmental Education

About Us

What is OADE?


The Ontario Association for Developmental Education was founded in 1957 by a group of teachers and principals. The Association is comprised of teachers, educational assistants, principals, consultants, and other support staff and parents who work with and for students with developmental challenges.

Statement of Purpose


OADE believes that:

OADE's Goal


The primary goal of OADE is to improve the education for students with developmental challenges in Ontario. OADE pursues this goal through:

Organizational Structure

General Membership


Comprised of individuals who work with and for students in Ontario with developmental challenges. We currently are adding members to our organization on an "email subscription" basis. There is no charge to be a member of OADE, but as you can imagine, there are expenses to keep this organization running. We humbly ask for your support by donating to the organization by using the link below.


Provincial Executive


Elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting. The Executive conducts the business of the association and promotes the interests and concerns of members who work with developmentally challenged students.

Current OADE President - Carol Jones

Provincial Office


In April of 2011, Herb Goodhoofd retired from the OADE executive after a lengthy tenure as our Provincial Officer. As a result, the OADE Executive's structure was changed and approved by the membership at the 2011 Annual Meeting, including the removal of the position of Provincial Officer and the closure of the former Provincial Office. As part of these changes, our mailing address has changed. Our new address is:

ATTN: Carol Jones
2 Notre Dame Ave
Brampton Ont
L6Z 4L5

Annual Conference


Organized for the purpose of professional development, this event is usually held in April or May, and is combined with an Annual General Meeting.

The 2021 conference was cancelled, due to the Covid pandemic.

Information about the upcoming conference can be found on the "OADE Home" page.